Edinburgh-based marine energy company, Aquamarine Power, has announced that its Oyster wave power device had produced and exported electricity for the first time to the grid at the New and Renewable Energy Centre near Newcastle, UK.

The Aquamarine group said that the full scale rig test proves that wave power can be converted to electricity on a commercial scale.

Output from a single pumping cylinder delivered more than 150KW of electricity – proving that a full-scale device, with two pumping cylinders, will deliver well in excess of the modelled output of 350KW.

The Aquamarine’s device can begin generating electricity in almost calm sea conditions and can also generate in the worst of storms, making it commercially viable on large scale.

Aquamarine CEO, Martin McAdam said that testing had involved a rigorous process testing a variety of sea conditions.

“Oyster is revolutionary in its field and what we are seeing is total proof that it can deliver commercially viable electricity,” said McAdam.