Swiss-based Sputnik Engineering AG has teamed up with system supplier Sunflow to dedicate a 1MW solar plant located on former NATO bunkers in Markt Taschendorf, Germany.

The project features 27 inverters made by Sputnik, 5,700 solar modules and a tracking system developed by Sunflow that the company says can boost the system’s yield by up to 30%.

“We have developed this system in cooperation with the Amberg-Weiden University especially for industrial roofs,” said Sunflow chief executive officer Stephan Rib.

Rib also said that in the case of these roofs, varying static and design characteristics have to be taken into account.

“Because the roofs are very light, they cannot support heavy loads. Moreover, the sun sail must not be too large, so that it will not be damaged by the wind,” said Rib.

By staff writer.