The American Public Power Association (APPA) is likely to sanction a New York oxy-coal power plant project, which combines a carbon capture and storage system (CCS) with a coal-fired power station.

The APPA’s climate change task force is expected to accept a resolution at its June 2009 meeting pledging its support for CCS projects including Jamestown’s Board of Public Utilities (BPU) proposed power station.

APPA will also appeal to Congress to pass legislation that encourages research, design and deployment for such projects.

The resolution will also request the administration enable the testing of different geologic areas in the nation to know whether they are ideal for liquid carbon dioxide storage and tackle the legal liability of the possible risks related with CCS.

CCS systems eliminate carbon dioxide from emissions of coal power plants by compressing gas into a supercritical fluid that functions like a liquid and that is infused into huge underground caverns or porous rock layers for permanent storage.

Officials of Jamestown BPU hope that the new power station will substitute the area’s existing coal-fired power station.