Siemens Energy has signed an agreement with Airtricity Holdings, a subsidiary of Scottish and Southern Energy, to deliver 80 wind turbines for the Butendiek offshore wind farm in the German North Sea.

The offshore project, with a capacity of 288MW, shall be commissioned in 2012. The Butendiek project is situated 34km off the island of Sylt at a water depth of 20 meters.

“We are happy to continue the good offshore supply relationship with Siemens based on the delivery of 140 3.6MW wind turbines for the Greater Gabbard project where construction is ongoing,” said Airtricity CEO, Paul Dowling.

“This agreement shows that the German offshore market is moving from the demonstration phase to rolling out commercial projects,” said CEO of Siemens Wind Power, Andreas Nauen.

The company already has more than 90 turbines installed offshore.

Germany provides favourable framework conditions to install and operate offshore wind farms. The German government has set a target of 25,000MW offshore wind power by 2030. The Butendiek wind farm will receive a feed-in-tariff of 15 eurocents per kWh, and the transmission system operator is obliged to connect the wind farm to the grid on time.

By staff writer.