India’s Tata Power is planning to focus on renewable energy technologies such as concentrated solar thermal, geothermal, coal-bed methane and coal beneficiation technologies.

The company will also continue to look at opportunities in hydro and wind power generation. Currently, the company produces about 16% of power from renewable energy sources like hydro and wind, with an installed capacity of 2,700MW.

Tata managing director,Prasad Menon, said that the scaling up of renewable power production will take place once the company fully masters new green energy technologies.

Tata Power will also consider options for power production from waste gases released by Tata Steel, Menon said.

The company has an installed capacity of 143MW wind energy. Its wind farms in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka produce about 177 million units of power.

By April 2010, the company will produce nearly 300MW of wind energy.

The company also hopes to invest about INR30bn in its Mumbai licence area over the next three years for power transmission and distribution projects.