The Mozambican Ministry for Development and Planning has announced that the World Bank will grant $100m to help fund hydroelectric power projects in Mozambique, according to the Pan-African news agency (PANA).

The Norweigan Government has also assured The Mozambican Government that it would construct a power transmission line from the centre to the south of the country valued at $45m.

Work on the transmission line follows the building of two hydroelectric dams to increase the quantity of power.

The 1,500km power transmission cable, costing $2.4bn, will be built between the central province of Tete and the capital Maputo in the south of the country. It is expected to be in operation by 2011.

The project will be carried out by a public-private partnership, according to a statement from the Mozambican ministry sent to PANA, in Dakar.

Mozambique’s minister for planning and development, Aiuba Cuereneia, said that due to the shortage of an internal transmission, Mozambique is required to purchase power from South Africa that is produced by Mozambique itself.

The two new hydroelectric facilities which would be located in Tete province Cahora Bassa Norte with 1,245MW and Mpanda Nkuwa with 2,400MW, will be built with an estimated cost of $1bn and $1.8bn respectively.