French power utility EDF has shut down operation at the Richemont Power Station, even though electricity generation was planned to commence until 2010.

The plant, located in the Lorraine region of France,
has suffered a knock-on effect from the problems faced by steel producer ArcelorMittal. The steel giant has ceased operation at several furnaces.

The EDF power station began operations in the 1950s when three 55MW steam turbines began service. Two more 125MW units were included later on. The five operational units of the plant run on coal, diesel and blast-furnace gas.

EDF says it intends to dismantle the station completely by 2015.

ArcelorMittal plans to build a 40MW power plant with 18 GE-Jenbacher internal combustion engines after the Richemont plant goes offline. It will serve other plants in the region.