Renewable energy company Global Green Power has revealed plans to build 360MW of biomass power plants and wind farms across the Philippines.

The bidding process for equipment and services for an initial three 15MW biomass power plants in the Panay, Nueva Ecija and Pangasinan regions of the Republic of the Philippines is curently underway.

Plans to build 200MW of wind power plants in four other locations are also to be put into action soon.

“We’ve been waiting for the right opportunity and with the passing of the renewable energy law, we feel that now is the right time,” said Global Green Power president David de Montaigne.

The cost required to build each biomass power plant will be $40m. A fourth biomass plant will be built in Negros Island by 2010. These power plants will have a generating capacity of around 30MW, the company said.

In addition to the plants, Global Green Power plans to set up 12 biomass power plants around the country which can generate a total of 360MW of power.

The primary proposal is to build three to four plants per year. The company expects to produce around 900 local jobs for each new plant.