IFP and ENEL have signed an agreement to test a first-generation post-combustion capture process on a pilot unit. This will be built by ENEL at a coal-fired power station in Brindisi, Italy.

As part of its R&D work on CO2 capture, the technology which has been developed by IFP is a first-generation flue gas scrubbing technology using chemical solvents.

IFP says it has optimised the process and cut its operating costs. The improvements made should generate savings in terms of the energy needed to regenerate the solvent, the company said.

The ammonia content of the flue gases should also be significantly reduced, making it possible to comply with standards governing atmospheric emissions, IFP said.

ENEL said the agreement will enable ENEL to strengthen its foothold in the field of CO2 capture and storage and, in particular, play an important part in the industrial roll-out plan recommended by the European ZEP (zero mission fossil fuel power plants) technology platform.