Japan-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has signed final agreement with power giant GE Energy to co-develop steam turbines for use in gas turbine combined-cycle power plants.

Both companies are focusing on the design of new and advanced steam turbines and aim to separately manufacture and market the co-developed steam turbines.

In January 2009, both MHI and GE Energy signed a memorandum of understanding to co-develop combined-cycle steam turbines to meet global customer demand for enhanced efficiency, the companies said.

The co-developed steam turbine, in combination with GE Frame FB and the MHI G-class gas turbine products, would enter the commercial service in the 50Hz segment of the global power generation market.

The gas turbine models are specifically used for combined-cycle power plants with 850-1,000MW power generation capacities.

Currently the demand for steam turbines is from natural gas-fired, combined-cycle power generation markets, which are used in generating around 80% of the world’s electricity.