VPhase, a developer of energy saving products for residential and commercial properties, has signed a deal with British Gas Services, part of the Centrica group, which could lead to a supply and distribution agreement to offer VPhase products to all British Gas customers.

British Gas Services has announced that it is acquiring several VPhase devices for independent testing with a view, upon successful trials, to negotiating a supply and distribution agreement for its electrical and heating installation and maintenance markets within the UK.

VPhase and Centrica will also collaborate on how the products may be introduced to the North American home and business services market through Direct Energy, another Centrica-owned business.

The first commercial VPhase energy saving product, the VX1, is a voltage reduction and regulation system.

The company said tests have shown that the fitting of a VPhase device to a consumer unit in an average UK home could potentially result in a substantial reduction in electricity usage and a corresponding 10% reduction in electricity bills.

VPhase’s in-house testing has indicated that fitting the device to individual household appliances can reduce consumption by up to 18%.