China is expected to ship home the first batch of uranium resources from Jordan in 2010, the Shanghai Securities News has reported, citing a top executive at China’s leading nuclear power developer, CNNC.

“We and other foreign firms would have opened the first uranium mine in Jordan for nearly three years, and will take home uranium in 2010,” CNNC’s general manager Kang Rixin was quoted as saying during a weekend meeting, writes Reuters.

The first batch of uranium resources was around 700 tons, according to a report posted on a website run by Caijing magazine.

The head of Jordan’s atomic energy authority, Khaled Toukan, said in April that the Middle East country was working with CNNC on two uranium mining blocks and CNNC could join the bidding to build a nuclear power plant in Jordan.

CNNC’s Kang said his company also cooperates with other foreign countries, including Kazakhstan, Algeria and Russia, to develop uranium resources.

CNNC International, a Hong Kong-listed firm controlled by CNNC has recently taken over Western Prospector Group, a Mongolia-focused uranium miner.

China has around 9.1GW of installed nuclear power generating capacity but it is considering revising its 2020 target to over 80GW from an original plan of 40GW to increase clean energy supplies, writes Reuters.

China’s use of coal accounts for more than 70% of energy supplies.