The UK Renewable Energy Association (REA) has called on the Department for Energy and Climate Change to ensure British industry can deliver on its 2020 renewable energy targets as it releases its Carbon Transition Plan today.

The REA says it is concerned the UK is already falling short on its 2010 renewable electricity targets and that it won’t be able to meet further reduction targets of another 15% come 2020 for transport, electricity and heat.

The UK still sits near the bottom of Europe’s renewable energy league table and the industry has been hit by a slump in investment, and with problems accessing finance due to the financial crisis.

Just last week the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown released plans he says could help the UK gain more of the international jobs market as a result of renewable growth.

REA policy director Gaynor Hartnell says today’s documents should put an emphasis on deliverables for renewable energy and time frames for this.

“Time is of the essence,” Hartnell says.

“The encouraging rhetoric we are now hearing from Environment Minister Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown on the vital importance of our industry must translate into practical and rapid measures in these documents.”

The REA is calling for details on the eligibility of projects to be complete before the introduction of tariffs for small scale electricity in 2010, urgent support for the renewable heat industry, timescales for the introduction of renewable gas to the grid and the removal of network, planning and regulatory barriers among other things.