General Electric is lobbying US senators for incentives in the climate bill for everything from nuclear power plants to appliances, company officials have told Reuters.

GE hopes to sell new efficient water heaters, driers and other appliances with the ability to receive information from power utilities about real-time power prices.

The company hopes the information will spur consumers to save energy and reduce emissions by running the machines at lower levels and at night when power prices are cheaper.

Such systems would be part of the ‘smart grid’, which utilities hope can be built to make the grid more efficient and robust, writes Reuters.

“If we get the right incentives and put the right programmes in place to help us fund and develop these products we can start mass marketing them in the next couple of years and really get this grid working,” said GE Consumer and Industrial president and CEO, James Campbell.

GE is a member of the US Climate Action Partnership, a group of companies and environmental groups who laid out a blueprint for emissions reductions and incentives they wanted to see in climate legislation.