A new power station using world-first technology will be able to capture and store 90% of its carbon, according to makers GE Energy and its Australian partners.

Power giant GE Energy says it is working with partners in Queensland, Australia to develop the world’s first integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) power plant, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

IGCC technology enables the use of large amounts of coal to generate electricity with lower emissions than traditional pulverised coal technology.

The technology also has the ability to capture carbon for storage or enhanced oil recovery.

The proposed project at Wandoan, 400km west of Brisbane, would produce 400MW of power and be capable of capturing 90% of the carbon dioxide in the fuel stream for future storage.

If the development phase moves forward this year, the plant is expected to be ready for commercial operation in late 2015 or early 2016, according to the report.