China’s top legislature is to consider a draft resolution on climate change and a draft amendment to its renewable energy law next week, according to China’s official news agency Xinhua.

Current renewable power regulation in China emphasises the need to safeguard the environment, assure power security and encourage the development of non-fossil fuel power including solar and wind power, biomass, hydro-energy, ocean and geothermal power.

A four-day session to discuss new policy will begin on 24 August and will be presided over by various Chinese officials, according to Xinhua.

In September 2007, China declared a national plan stating that renewable energy should account for 15% of the nation’s overall power consumption by 2020, to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

In the short term, China will strive to decrease power consumption by 20% by 2010 for every CNY 10,000 of GDP, writes Xinhua.

The target would help attain a 20% forest coverage and increase the renewable energy ratio to 10% of the total.

China officials have also said that they will continue to collaborate with other nations and play an active part in making December’s Copenhagen climate change conference a success.