India must invest in its own environmentally friendly technologies, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has announced.

The announcement is the latest in myriad pledges from one of the world’s biggest polluters to fight climate change, writes Reuters.

Up until now, New Delhi has repeatedly resisted emissions targets, saying it will take its own unilateral action to cut pollution.

Singh’s comments also signalled that India – the world’s fourth-largest polluter – is willing to invest in more expensive clean technologies to supplement what it might get from rich countries, writes Reuters.

“Our growth strategy can be different,” the PM said, referring to the West’s decades of industrialisation, which has been blamed for climate change.

He said India’s energy use will rise sharply in the coming decades as it tries to lift a multitude out of poverty.

India has already announced several steps to fight global warming, such as ramping up solar power investment, expanding forest cover and bringing in domestic energy efficiency trading.