Two of Zimbabwe’s most important power stations are in need of $900m of repair work if they are to stand up to demand, according to a report by news service AFP.

Zimbabwe has been witnessing power failures on a daily basis and several regions have not had power for months as a result of repair work not being done to its already damaged grid.

Zimbabwe’s worsening financial crisis has meant repair work has been delayed and generators can only run at 33% capacity.

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority boss Ben Rafemoyo said more money is needed before expansion projects on Kariba and Hwange power stations can take place.

“Using the current feasibility studies Hwange requires $600m and Kariba needs $300m [worth of repair work],” Rafemoyo said.

Even though ZESA imports electricity from bordering nations, Zimbabwe is still only able to satisfy 50% of its power demands.

Rafemoyo said Zimbabwe’s power requirements are likely to rise as the economy recovers after the unity government formation early this year.