In order to conserve power the Bangladesh Government has announced that male government employees will be banned from wearing suits, jackets and ties.

The Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said such a ban would limit the use of air conditioners.

The country is currently suffering a severe power shortage with power stations unable to satisfy electricity requirements.

News service the BBC quoted a senior official as saying that the administration would soon urge business to follow its example.

Under the government’s official dress code ministers will now no longer be compelled to wear ties and suits.

During the hot months of March to November, employees will now be requested to wear shirts and trousers which do not have to be tucked in.

Ministers and officials have been asked not to turn on air conditioners below 24°C.

Meanwhile, the government has also announced it will allocate $6bn to new power stations, to be run by private firms.

The present state-owned stations have not been able to cope with the country’s huge population and its economy, which has been surging yearly by nearly 6% over the past five years.