Bechtel has been selected by BrightSource Energy as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for California-based 440MW Ivanpah Solar Electricity Generating System.

According to the EPC contract, Bechtel will supply EPC services for the Ivanpah System, which comprises three distinct solar thermal power stations.

The power produced from these stations will be sold by BrightSource Energy under separate agreements with Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric. BrightSource’s agreements with both firms totals 2.6GW.

Bechtel’s project development and financing arm Bechtel Enterprises will be the equity investor in all the three Ivanpah solar power stations.

The Ivanpah system will deploy BrightSource Energy’s Luz Power Tower 550 technology (LPT 550), which generates low-cost carbon-free power by producing high-temperature steam to turn a turbine.

LPT 550 generates steam using thousands of mirrors that reflect sunlight onto a boiler filled with water placed on top of a tower.

The Ivanpah facility will annually displace over 450,000 tons (408,000 metric tons) of carbon dioxide.

The Ivanpah facility is slated to commence construction early next year after final authorisation by the Bureau of Land Management and the California Energy Commission.