Offshore wind turbines could meet up to 17% of Europe’s electricity needs in 2030 if wind power projects get sufficient support, an industry lobby organisation has announced.

Offshore wind installations currently account for about 0.2% of Europe’s electricity demand, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) said in a report, writes Reuters.

The report, published in conjunction with a wind industry conference in Stockholm, Sweden, said offshore wind projects with 100GW of capacity have been proposed or are being developed in Europe.

“If realised, these projects (of 100GW) would produce 10% of the EU’s electricity whilst avoiding 200 million tons of CO2 emissions each year,” the EWEA said.

The EWEA targets are for Europe’s offshore installed wind power capacity to grow to 40GW by 2020 from 1.9GW in 2009, and to 150GW by 2030.