EU member states are taking part in a project that aims to find solutions to barriers that hold up the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems and legal issues of connecting to the grid.

The 30-month ‘PV LEGAL’ European programme involves 12 EU member states including the UK, France, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Project members want to find out why it can take months to years to erect PV systems in the UK and other European countries and how solar can better connect to the grid.

The project will also examine regulatory and administrative hurdles for PV, providing a database on the bureaucratic barriers that need to be eliminated before PV can become mainstream commercial.

A recent study, ‘Set for 2020’ by Kearney and EPIA, anticipates that PV has the capability to supply up to 12% of Europe’s power by 2020.

At present, solar PV accounts for less than 1% of Europe’s electricity, powering about 1.5 million houses across the continent.

Europe is currently preparing for tariffs for solar PV to come in next year.