Waratah Coal’s wholly owned subsidiary Galilee Power plans to develop a $1.09bn clean coal power plant in Queensland, Australia that will incorporate carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

Waratah Coal CEO Peter Lynch said Galilee Power has commenced a feasibility study on the 900MW power plant.

“The power station will utilise reject coal from Waratah Coal’s tenements as power station feedstock,” Lynch said.

“It will be designed to incorporate the latest clean-coal low emission technologies so that the project is consistent with the Queensland Government’s ‘Smart Energy Policy’.

“The Galilee Power Project will be developed to supply low-cost base load power to the Queensland electricity grid to help meet the growing demand for power in the State.”

Lynch added that initial construction expenditure on the 450MW first phase will be about $1.09bn and recurring operational expenditure will be nearly $231.4m.

The two-phase coal-fired plant will complement a major thermal coal mine and infrastructure project in Central Queensland’s Galilee Basin.