The Iraqi Government plans to offer contracts to local and foreign utility companies to install 24 gas turbines with an aggregate capacity of 3,870MW by 2012, in a bid to reduce power shortages across the country.

Iraq has previously signed multi-billion dollar contracts with GE and Siemens for the supply of 56 and 16 gas turbines, respectively, to add a 12,000MW capacity over the next few years, Reuters reported.

Iraq’s deputy electricity minister Raad al-Haris told Reuters that Iraq is expecting the power cuts to stop by the end of 2011 once the projects with Siemens and GE are complete.

Eight 125MW turbines will be installed at two locations in Baghdad, while four 125MW turbines units are being set up each at Samawa and Diwaniya.

Basra will have five turbines with one in northern Kirkuk province, each of 270MW capacity, while two 125MW turbines will be installed in Mosul city.

Iraq’s current installed capacity is approximately 7,500MW and has an estimated demand of nearly 12,000MW.