United Nations climate talks among more than 180 nations ends today in Bangkok with envoys disputing whether the Kyoto accord, will be preserved in a new agreement.

Developing countries yesterday said the European Union was trying to abandon the Kyoto Protocol, reports Bloomberg.

“We do not intend to drop anything from the Kyoto agreement in a new treaty,” Sweden’s chief climate negotiator, Anders Turesson, who speaks on behalf of the EU, said in a media briefing in the Thai capital.

Discord mounted between the G-77, a group of 130 developing nations, and industrialised nations in the UN-led talks centre on whether the Kyoto agreement should be extended or replaced with a new treaty.

A new treaty is expected to appeal more to the US, which refused to ratify Kyoto Protocol because it gave no restrictions for developing nations.

The Kyoto accord gives binding targets to 37 developed nations on greenhouse-gas emissions and penalises them for exceeding their caps.

Countries including Spain, Italy and Japan are expected to miss their targets.