Hawaii’s most fossil-fuel dependent state, Maui, will soon be home to a smart power grid to ensure energy efficiency.

The grid will save energy by turning off household appliances when electricity is expensive and also helps make better use of wind and solar power, reports The Associated Press.

Utility General Electric Co. recently announced it would test its ‘smart grid’ technology in the luxury resort community of Wailea, hoping to reduce peak electricity consumption there by 15% by 2012.

The power metre will be installed in homes to monitor how much electricity is being used by various appliances and turn them off at peak times during the day or night when demand for energy is higher, and thus costlier to consume.

The project will also help upgrade the utility’s computer systems so that it can integrate more renewable energy.

There are about 70 smart grid pilots across the US, including Miami, Seattle, Houston and Boulder, Colorado.

Wailea in Hawaii is one of the only resort communities where the test is being conducted, writes the news agency.