The European Commission plans to enforce binding energy-efficiency targets on EU states, according to new plans.

The ‘7 Measures for 2 Million New EU Jobs’, aims to streamline the Efficiency Action Plan, and takes into account that the EU will only be able to cut energy usage by 11% compared to the 20% goal set for 2020.

The draft says that energy saving goals can either be sector-specific, potentially restricted to buildings or include all aspects of the economy.

Buildings, which account for 40% of Europe’s power usage, have been given the highest priority in the draft.

The commission has set a 2020 target for renovation of 15 million buildings.

Insulating the existing buildings and remodelling them with double-glazing and appliances consuming less energy would save Europe 66 million tons of carbon dioxide, while annually generating 300,000 direct and 1.1 million indirect jobs.

The draft also proposes a network of smart cities to establish new technologies in an attempt to reduce emissions by over 20% by 2020.