French renewable energy company Bionersis and E.ON’s Climate & Renewables (EC&R) division has teamed up to develop clean development mechanism (CDM) projects in South-East Asia.

Under the partnership, Bionersis will install and operate methane recovery and flaring systems on landfill sites in various Asian countries, while EC&R will bring technical expertise in gas-fired power generation, E.ON said in a statement.

Profits from carbon credits (CERs) and energy revenues generated by the projects will be shared between Bionersis and EC&R.

Several projects are currently under assessment in South-East Asia and are expected to be jointly developed within the next 18 months.

The first project in the partnership will be at Kamphaeng Saen in Thailand, one of the largest landfills in South-East Asia.

This is also the first project developed by Bionersis in the region. It is expected to reduce climate harming methane emissions and therefore produce around two million CERs over the next ten years for a total investment of over €5m.