New instalments of US wind energy in the third quarter reached nearly 1,650MW, helped by stimulus funds for renewable energy projects, an industry group has announced.

The new projects exceeded the 1,210MW of capacity installed in the second quarter, the American Wind Energy Association said.

The US Department of Energy has stepped in to spur green projects with a grant programme to keep up with the fast growth of wind power generation.

Wind projects across the US have gained the bulk of government funds so far, with about $950m in grants.

So far this year new wind power systems under construction have totalled 5,000MW, a 38% drop from last year.

The US State of Texas kept its top spot in the group’s state rankings. The state added 436MW of new wind capacity. That includes 197MW of wind power added to a massive wind complex near Roscoe, Texas, which received federal grant money.

Oregon and Illinois ranked second and third, respectively, adding 251MW and 201MW of new wind capacity, according to the Wind Energy Association.

The industry group also said, however, that wind turbine manufacturing remains uncertain and has fallen compared to last year.