Widespread adoption of carbon capture and storage (CCS) comes at a high risk of project failure, according to a report by the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute.

The report ‘Strategic Analysis of the Global Status of Carbon Capture and Storage’ says that 213 projects are active or planned, with 101 of commercial scale, indicating the large number of projects in the pipeline.

Nearly 62 are fully integrated, commercial-scale projects that demonstrate each phase of the CCS process chain of CO2 capture, transport and storage.

Seven of these projects are currently operational, while 55 are in different phases of progress making them potential candidates for contributing to the G8 target. The G8 has set a 2020 target for deployment of at least 20 commercial scale CCS projects globally.

Europe accounts for 37% of main developers of fully integrated, commercial-scale projects followed by the US with 24%, Australia with 11% and Canada with 10%. Distribution across Asia, Africa and South America is relatively low.

The report says that a major chunk of advanced projects concentrate on coal-fuelled power generation, identifying the need to execute solutions that tackle current and future coal usage in a carbon constrained environment.