The Papua provincial administration has announced plans to build a hydro-power plant to meet electricity demand and support infrastructure needs in Papua.

“We are finishing the feasibility studies for the hydro-power plant. [It requires] more than Rp 5tn [about US $525m],” Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu told the Jakarta Post.

The plant is expected to eventually generate 2,000MW in total, starting with a 300MW plant.

Other investors will also be invited to contribute to the plant.

Barnabas did not say whether the plan was part of 18 power plants scheduled to be built in the province by state utility company PT PLN during up until 2012, reports the newspaper.

PLN has said that the 18 power plants will include coal, hydro and micro-hydro plants, to meet power demand and reduce the province’s dependency on diesel-power.