European Union (EU) lawmakers have approved a list of EU industries that stand to receive help with meeting the cost of permits to emit CO2.

Industries such as metals, textiles, building materials and ceramics will be given free permits from 2013 under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), the EU’s main tool to force industry to cut greenhouse gases.

Heavy industries are battling to avoid paying for permits, saying the added cost will harm their ability to compete with overseas rivals such as those in India, North Africa or Russia, reports Reuters.

The European Parliament’s environment committee voted against a motion rejecting the list, drawn up by the EU’s executive European Commission.

39 parliamentarians opposed the motion, and 19 supported it.

The risk of carbon leakage is hoped to subside as other regions take on comparable measures to cut carbon emissions in a global climate deal. That deal could emerge as soon as December at the crucial climate talks meeting in Copenhagen.