Britain says it is securing its future energy supply by approving ten new nuclear power stations for the nation.

The power stations – approved only yesterday – will supply 25% of the country’s energy need by 2025.

The first plant planned will start operating in 2018 and planning rules have been altered to ensure that instead of taking up to six years to build a nuclear plant, planning could be finalised within one.

The UK Government says it needs to increase its use of nuclear in its energy mix from 13% seen today to help meet climate change targets and reduce the risk created by dwindling energy stocks in the North Sea.

Consumers fear that power will become more expensive in the country, however, to pay for the building of new plants (worth £5bn each).

While Britain may be looking towards a more nuclear future, carbon capture and storage would also play an important part in the nation’s energy future, according to the government.

New coal-fired power stations with green technology fitted will have a place in the UK’s energy future.