British Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants EU countries to promise to reduce carbon emissions by 30%, rather than the 20% they are currently offering, it has been revealed.

European negotiators at the Copenhagen conference have said they will sign up to the 30% if other major polluting nations – including the US and China – consent to radical cuts.

But Mr Brown is calling for EU members to step-up their efforts to combat global warming whatever the rest of the world decides.

“We’ve got to make countries recognise that they have to be as ambitious as they say they want to be,” Mr Brown said in an interview with The Guardian newspaper.

Such an ambitious target would require a new set of carbon reduction measures in Britain.

The crunch climate talks began in Copenhagen yesterday.

The UN’s chief climate official Yvo de Boer said there was unprecedented political momentum for a deal but warned the conference would only be a success if it “delivers significant and immediate action that begins the day the conference ends,” reports The Telegraph.