Electricite de France (EDF) has reconnected the 900MW Chinon-2 nuclear reactor to meet French power demand, forecast to soar due to cold weather.

Reseau de Transport d’Electricite (RTE), EDF’s grid unit, has forecast demand to reach 92,000MW at the peak hour of 7 p.m. on 17 December, nearing the record 92,400MW reached on 7 January 2009, reports Bloomberg.

The increase in follows below-zero degree temperatures in many French regions over the past couple of days.

Power supply and demand are tight in western and southern regions while imports are set to rise to meet the added demand to heat homes according to the RTE.

With Chinon 2 working, EDF has three out of four reactors at the Chinon plant in operation, while unit 3 has been halted for a once-a-decade inspection by safety authorities.

EDF operates 58 nuclear reactors in France and is a net exporter of power to other European countries, but is increasingly depending on imports to meet peak demand in France in recent years.