South Korea plans to become one of the world’s top three nuclear power plant exporters in 20 years, it has been revealed.

The announcement follows a drive boosted by a major plant deal the country recently sealed with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the government said, according to a report by official Chinese news agency Xinhua.

South Korea plans to sell ten atomic power plants by 2012 and 80 plants by 2030, which would account for 20% of the planned construction of power plants around the world, according to Seoul’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

The country was awarded with a contract worth 40bn US dollars to build four nuclear power plants in the UAE, which has boosted its hope that the first such major export would serve as a momentum that would kick start similar export deals down the road, writes Xinhua.

Under the plan, the country will continue government-level efforts to strike plant deals designed to meet specific needs of different countries.