China’s Zhejiang province has asked power-intensive firms to avoid electricity use during peak hours to ensure supplies to residents and other users, according to a local government official.

The coastal province added itself to a list of regions grappling with insufficient power during the winter as demand surged from economic recovery and harsh weather amid insufficient coal stocks at power plants, reports Reuters.

Sinopec’s crude oil production in its largest Shengli oilfield was also trimmed last week due to power rationing in eastern Shandong province.

“We started paring power loads by 1.2GW by shifting demand from firms such as in cement and chemical sectors from 9:00am to 11:30am each day,” the unnamed official told Reuters.

He said that power demand in Zhejiang province was at a high level of some 36.5GW these days, but supplies amounted to around 35GW, including nearly 6GW supplies from sources such as Qingshan Nuclear Power Plant.