The US Government will fund five community renewable energy projects including biomass, wind and solar installations with a $20.5m grant.

The projects will also receive up to $167m from local government and private industry.

One of the projects, the Montpelier, will see the installation of a 41 MMBtu combined heat and power district energy system fuelled with locally-sourced renewable and sustainably-harvested wood chips.

The project will provide 1.8 million KWh of power to the grid and maximise its operating efficiency and reduce thermal costs in Vermont, US.

A project in Wisconsin plans to install a 1.25MW biomass combined heat and power facility for heating, cooling and electricity; a biogas digester and 150kW generation facility; three 100kW wind turbines; and three dual-axis 2.88kW solar PV panels.

The third project proposes a community-owned 30MW wind energy project with an ultimate goal to build a 650MW wind farm in Colorado.

A project in California will include the installation of a 1.5MW solar highway with three Photovoltaic system installations on 2 miles of highway right-of-ways.

The Sacramento, California project will also include a co-digestion process to produce biogas, two anaerobic digesters that will produce 500kW of combined heat and power.

The firth project, the University of California at Davis project, will implement a 300kW waste-to-renewable energy system to generate power from a renewable biogas-fed fuel cell.