Photovoltaic specialist Luvata solar energy has called for more responsive regulation of feed-in tariffs to protect against the extremes seen in Germany spreading across Europe.

Luvata senior solar energy consultant Petri Konttinen said that feed-in tariffs need to be managed in a way that limits drastic market movements that can endanger manufacturers supporting the industry.

“If left unchanged, poorly implemented feed-in tariffs have the potential to deter other countries from embracing a fundamentally sound programme or worse yet, endanger the industry as a whole,” Konttinen said in a statement.

He also said that governments must work together with the photovoltaic industry to create a framework, which can use real time indicators such as the number of people investing in solar panels, purchase and installation costs, supply and demand, and the amount of energy feeding into the system to adapt tariffs according to market conditions at the time.