Israel is expected to officially announce that it is seeking help from France to build a nuclear power plant, the infrastructure ministry spokesman has announced.

Israeli Minister Uzi Landau will tell an international conference on civilian nuclear energy in Paris that he sees such a plant as a joint project between Israel and Jordan, with France supervising and providing technology, writes the Associated Press.

Israel is not a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has said it will not sign up for a Middle East nuclear-free zone being promoted by the United States.

Israel, which has a severe power shortage, is an arid country with no option of hydroelectric generation and no oil.

Arena Events will be hosting the Nuclear Build Construction Challenges conference in London, where big players from the nuclear power sector will come together to discuss the latest government proposals and technologies to meet new-build requirements. The conference takes place 9-10 March, at the Hilton Kensington Hotel, London.