The Energy Institute (EI) has merged with the British Energy Association (BEA) to form UKWEC – the UK Member Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC).

UKWEC will operate within the EI as a special network to enable firms and individuals to contribute to WEC research activities and network with energy professionals across WEC’s global community of around 100 countries.

UKWEC chairman Michael Gibbons said that the creation of UKWEC strengthens the UK’s contribution to the international energy debate and reinforces the value of this extended network.

“There were clear synergies between the two organisations, each seeking to inform from an evidence-based approach and to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy; each acting independently as a platform for debate rather than lobby groups and valued by policy makers as a result,” Gibbons said.

WEC, a multi-energy organisation, has member committees in most of the large energy-producing and energy-consuming nations representing major energy interests.