Developers are facing mounting protests over plans for a giant power station on Edinburgh’s waterfront, amid fears it will become a blot on the Scottish capital’s landscape.

Campaigners are stepping up their opposition against the £360m biomass station earmarked for Leith Docks, claiming it will prevent the regeneration of a port and surrounding projects, reports

The plant is being pursued by Forth Energy, a joint venture between dock owner Forth Ports and Scottish & Southern Energy, for a site previously earmarked for a park.

Similar to existing developments in Germany and Sweden, the power station will comprise of a boiler house, flue, steam turbine building and biomass storage area.

When plans for the venture were announced last August, Forth Ports said they had the potential to help Scotland become a “real powerhouse” in renewables, reports the paper.

But environmental groups are questioning the sustainability arguments for the plant, which is expected to process up to 1.3 million tons of biomass material every year.