German nuclear operator RWE has announced plans to scale down production at its Biblis A nuclear plant to keep it in operation for another year.

The 1,225 MW, 35-year-old reactor in Hesse would only be able to stay online for only another six months under a ten-year-old exit deal.

RWE Power head of nuclear plants Gerd Jaeger was quoted by Reuters as saying that the firm will scale Biblis A down to between 40% and 50% of the total load.

“We do not want to create hard facts by making plants exhaust their quota and reach the end of their operations,” Gerd Jaeger said.

RWE awaits a court decision on whether it may borrow quotas from its younger Lingen plant to tide Biblis over.

RWE is also in talks with E.ON over the possibility of borrowing spare quotas from E.ON’s Stade reactor that was closed in 2002.

Biblis A block has recently been reopened after one year of closure for maintenance.