The development of a high voltage electricity transmission line between Mount Isa and Townsville Queensland, Australia, will open a major renewable energy generation corridor, according to a new report.

The transmission line is expected to open up opportunities for renewable energy resources including wind, solar thermal, geothermal, bagasse and biofuels, along with coal seam gas and shale oil, according to the Developing a Resource Corridor report, prepared by economic consultants BIS in association with Queensland’s local government.

The line could aid the federal government in meeting its target of 20% renewable energy generation by 2020 and reducing Queensland’s carbon footprint by one third by 2020.

The transmission line would be capable of serving the mining industry, providing energy security to North West Queensland and offering users access base load renewable energy on a commercial scale.

According to the report, the link may require modest investment from governments, provide a least-cost solution to existing resource customers and generate benefits through the introduction of renewable energy generation opportunities.