About 175 nations have agreed a plan to revive climate talks after the disappointing Copenhagen summit.

The UN’s top climate official has, however, predicted a full new treaty was out of reach for this year.

Delegates at the 9-11 April talks, which reopened splits between rich and poor nations from Copenhagen, agreed to hold two extra meetings after the December summit fell short of a binding deal, reports Reuters.

The extra sessions, and a linked agreement to prepare new texts about fighting climate change, are meant to help pave the way to the next annual meeting of environment ministers in Cancun, Mexico, 19 November to 10 December.

The UN’s top climate official, Yvo de Boer, said governments should focus on practical steps in 2010, such as aid to help poor nations cope with the impact of climate change or to promote clean technologies.

“I don’t think Cancun will provide the final outcome,” de Boer told Reuters on the sidelines of the weekend talks.