Private Kurdish Company Mass Global Investment is investing $2.5bn in three power generation projects in northern Iraq’s Kurdistan region to help meet energy needs.

Mass Global chairman Ahmad Ismael Saleh told Dow Jones that the firm will produce a total of 2,125MW from three plants it is developing and expanding in Dohuk, Erbil and Suleimaniya.

The 500MW Dohuk power plant will be built on a build-own-operate basis in September 2010.

Erbil power plant currently produces 500MW and will be expanded to generate 875MW by mid-2011, according to Saleh.

The plant will receive gas from the nearby Khor Mor field in the Kurdish region.

Mass Global also plans to expand the present 500MW Suleimaniya power station to generate 750MW of power with two additional units, according to Dow Jones.

“All in all these stations that our company is building will provide 2,125MW, which would achieve self-sufficiency in electricity in (Iraq’s) Kurdistan,” Saleh said.