Queen Elizabeth II announced a government bill to boost energy efficiency in British businesses and homes, while also increasing its share of renewable energy.

The legislation also promotes low carbon energy production in a bid to secure the UK’s energy supplies.

The bill will create power to regulate the emissions from coal-fired power stations, reform energy markets to deliver security of supply and ensure fair competition.

It will also put in place a framework for development of a smart grid to revolutionise the management of supply and demand for electricity.

The bill will require energy firms to provide more information on energy bills to ensure fair access to energy supplies.

“The Energy Bill is designed to help consumers put a stop to wasting energy in their homes through a green deal while making sure our energy system is fit for the 21st century,” Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne said.

The new UK Coalition Government said it will also ensure North Sea infrastructure is available to all firms for exploitation of smaller and more difficult oil and gas fields.