Westinghouse Electric will dismantle the reactor vessel (RV) internals at the Jose Cabrera Nuclear Power Station (Zorita) in Spain for Enresa.

The contract covers dismantling and segmentation of the RV internals including the up-front engineering studies.

It also includes plant modifications, equipment supply and loading of primary and secondary waste into multipurpose canisters for the activated material, and dedicated containers for low and intermediate-level waste.

Zorita, the 142MW Westinghouse pressurised water reactor (PWR) operated by Gas Natural Fenosa, was closed in April 2006 following 38 years of service.

The plant’s ownership was transferred to Enresa, the Spanish agency responsible for radioactive waste management and nuclear plant decommissioning in February 2010.

Zorita will become the second commercial nuclear reactor, after Vandellos Unit 1, to be dismantled in Spain.