Foster Wheeler will support the front-end engineering design (FEED) for a post-combustion carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and compression plant for E.ON UK’s new coal-fired power station.

The new plant in Kent, England, will replace its existing coal-fired units at Kingsnorth Power Station with two new high-efficiency 800MW coal-fired units to produce power from coal more efficiently.

The planned CO2 capture plant will separate and capture CO2 from flue gas generated by the coal-fired units and enable the CO2 to be transported and stored permanently within a depleted gas reservoir under the North Sea.

Under the UK Government’s carbon capture and storage (CCS) competition to build one of the world’s first industrial-scale CCS demonstration plants, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has confirmed E.ON’s progression to the next stage comprising a FEED study.

The FEED activities will further develop the proposed CO2 capture and compression project at Kingsnorth and will comprise engineering and design studies.