Atlantis Resources has revealed the new AK-1000, claimed to be the world’s largest tidal power turbine of its type.

The 1MW turbine weighs 1,430t and stands about 75ft tall with six 60ft diameter blades.

The AK-1000’s two sets of blades have also been designed to move slowly underwater and they would not pose a threat to sea life, according to Atlantis.

The AK-1000 is a horizontal axis turbine, with a twin rotor set and fixed pitch blades and is more effective in water speeds that are faster than 2.6m per second.

Atlantis Resources chief executive officer Tim Cornelius said the turbines turn at an incredibly slow six to eight revolutions per minute and will have zero impact on the surrounding environment.

The AK-1000 will be deployed at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) test site in Orkney.